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 Airport pick up


All reservations require membership and login.

Airport pick up

 Toll / Car type

It operates between Sapporo (Sapporo Station and Odori Station area) and New Chitose Airport. It is total fare.

Fixed price 14,000 yen, 23,000 yen

Fixed price 14,000 yen

There are many kinds of small taxis.
Camry HV
Prius α

Flat fare 23,000 yen

Alphad HV
Jumbo Higher
Cancellation fee
There is no cancellation fee for directions from Sapporo to the airport until the reservation time on the day. After the reservation time, you may be required to pay a flat fee or a highway fee as a cancellation fee. Please be careful.
When via
It will be a direct flight to \"1 pick-up airport \". You cannot go elsewhere in the middle.
Compensation for damages
There is no compensation for traffic jams, abnormal weather or natural disasters.
If you can't arrive by flight due to congestion
If there is a possibility that you may not be able to arrive by airplane time due to congestion, we would like to consult with you if you go to the airport or to the nearest station on another course. If you go to the airport by another course, you will be charged a flat fee. If you send it to the nearest station, we will take the meter fare for canceling the contract.
If the flight arrival time for the departure from the airport
We will greet you at the airport when the flight arrives. If your scheduled flight is delayed, you may be automatically cancelled. If you arrive early, you may have to wait at the airport.
 Tickets for airport pick-up
Register and log in and press "Schedule" to make a reservation.
However, the booking will not be confirmed immediately and will be confirmed after confirming the reservation status. Payment is required at time of booking, but will be canceled if you cannot make a reservation.

All reservations require membership and login.


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